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Learn about three effective SEO strategies for rehab treatment and addiction centres.

1. Long-tail keywords

One of the most important parts of any SEO strategy for a rehab centre trying to market to their audience is selecting and using appropriate keywords throughout your website. When potential clients type these keywords into search engines like Google & Bing, you want your site to have a chance to end up in the search results. For your marketing strategy to be effective, you need to ensure you have the best possible keywords showing up in the search results.

In the case of SEO for addiction treatment centres, this means choosing long-tail keywords. Broad terms, like “rehab centre” or “addiction treatment centre” are not only highly competitive, but also attract searches from people who are not necessarily potential clients.

For example, if your centre is in Sydney and someone in Penrith searches for “rehab centres,” their not very likely to become a client—even if your site has a top spot in the results for their search.
Because of this, it’ essential to identify long-tail keywords for your website. Phrases like “addiction treatment centre in Sydney” are much more likely to attract qualified leads, and you will not have nearly as much competition.

However, location-based keywords are not your only option. You can optimise your website for the specific services you offer, whether you use the traditional 12-step program or take a comprehensive approach.

2. Infographics

When you think about potential marketing strategies, infographics may not be the first thing to come to mind. And although they are often used in a more light-hearted manner, they can also be used to discuss more serious topics like drug & alcohol addiction.

If you are familiar with SEO, you may know that link building is an especially important element of your campaign. Links from credible sites show that your clinic is a reputable source, meaning that it will rank higher in search the results. But, to gain those important links, you need to offer other site owners something worth linking to—and that’s where infographics come in.

Well-researched and designed infographics are interesting to a wide variety of audiences, meaning that they can help you attract links from a variety of site owners. Depending on their content, news sites, bloggers, and informational sites may all choose to share them with their readers and link back to your addiction treatment centre’s site as the source.

3. Content directed to the ones that care for your clients

As you create great content for your website, it is very important to remember who are the people you are trying to reach. Your potential clients are the people that are struggling with alcohol, drug and other mental health addiction issues, they are not always the ones who take the first step in getting the help they require. In most cases, it is the ones that care for them who go online to research rehab centres.

You should try to create content that is not only directed at potential clients, but also their friends and family. And while the information they need may be very similar, the search terms they use to find it are typically different.

Let us use this for an example……someone struggling with drug addiction may take to search engines like Google or Bing to learn about what going to rehab will help them with their issues, or what to expect while experiencing withdrawal. A concerned family member or friend, on the other side, may seek information on how to speak to a loved one about their addiction, or how to tell if someone is struggling with addiction. The answer, create content that answers their questions and other drug and alcohol related concerns, if you do this, you will be more successful in helping them find the information they need.

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